Distance Education How it works

By | August 8, 2017


It refers to a way of studying in which students do not necessarily have to attend the classroom.

Its base is the work material, the students, the tutor and the support team for the proper functioning of the program.

It is available for any level of studies although it is commonly used for university studies.

An old reference of this modality were the very well received “correspondence courses“. These were initiated by the need to teach pupils who lived in isolated places for which their transfer to schools was impossible and for the same reason could not build a school. Such courses were offered at the primary and secondary level, with parents often supervising pupils’ educational progress.

Distance Education

Distance Education


Distance Education How it works

In Mexico, in 1945, this modality began with the Federal Training Institute of the Magisterium considered the largest Normal in the world; For historical reasons the country had to train more than 90,000 teachers of primary education in service who lacked the title to practice teaching.

At the Autonomous University of Mexico, distance education began in the year 1972.

How does it work?

By mail the student is in contact with his tutor and receives the necessary material to develop the units that comprise the program of study.

With the support of the material (written texts, videos, compact discs) the student solves the practical exercises returning them by the same means to be reviewed.


Distance Education

There will be cases where the students will go personally to the institution as when receiving tutorials, to carry out examinations, clarifications.

Today Dstancia Education is much easier, faster and easier thanks to the new information and communication technologies (a concept that is called e-learning), as they provide us with useful tools such as e-mail, blogs, forums and classrooms Called LMS Moodle (online education).


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