What is online training?

By | August 7, 2017


The online training courses are carried out in a non-presential way through a device with Internet connection, ICT are used.

Students can work from home or from anywhere they have an Internet connection. The training center has a virtual campus where you can access the contents of the courses and, in addition, interact with other students and also with the teacher.

What is online training

What is online training

Communications can be done synchronously or asynchronously, they are usually asynchronous, thus facilitating the work rhythms and schedules of all students. Even so, in some cases there are synchronous connections for some discussion or conference, for example.


What is online training?

The materials used in these courses, and the type of activities, can be very diverse. It depends on the methodology used by the teacher in each course, but there may be written documents, videos, group activities with other students, debates in the forums, creation of dynamic presentations, peer evaluation, practical exercises on a topic, etc.

The main modalities in which the online training is taught are e-learning, m-learning and b-learning.

Below you can find the main advantages and disadvantages of online training:
Advantages disadvantages

On line educacion and What is online training

Easy communication with the teacher and other students.
Diversity of multimedia resources used.
Variety of learning activities that are done.
Variety of ways to learn.
Learning of technological competences not directly related to the course.
Easy to study anywhere at any time.

You need a good internet connection to be able to do the course well.
Prior technological competencies of students are required.
If the tasks and learning objectives are not well described, it is easy for students to leave their studies halfway or not to make the most of the training.
It requires a high degree of involvement on the part of the students to carry out the course with success.



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