What is distance learning

By | August 7, 2017

What is distance learning In distance courses, unlike online courses, a web-based learning platform is not used to carry out the course, but the training center provides materials in paper or multimedia format to students through postal mail , And communications with the teacher are via email, correspondence or by telephone.

What is distance learning

What is distance learning

Through the materials that the center facilitates, the student learns in an autodidactic way and has a teacher available for any type of consultation that wants to perform.

In this type of training, the materials used and the resources are not so varied, including written texts, videos and interactive CDs.

What is distance learning

The advantages and disadvantages of distance learning are as follows:
Advantages disadvantages

They allow you to learn anywhere at any time.
The student has at his disposal a teacher for his doubts during the learning.
No technological skills are required to successfully complete the course.

There is no communication with other students.
The type of activities and the way of learning is not so varied, less interactive tools are used.
It requires a strong involvement on the part of the student to successfully overcome the course.

Online student profile

Conducting an online or distance education is within the reach of everyone, even so, not all people are good students online or remote.

To be a good online student it is recommended that you have a series of characteristics:

Organization: to be able to meet the schedule and organize well the study periods.
Domain of the TIC: it is necessary that you dominate the tools that you will need to follow the course successfully. Not dominating some ICT tools may mean not being able to take advantage of the course well.
Attitude: your attitude should be active and participative in the different tasks that are proposed. Motivation is very important in order to follow an online course well.
Communication: You may need to participate in a forum or communicate with the teacher or other classmates. Good communication skills will help you succeed.
Responsibility: responsibility is a virtue of every student, with responsibility you will achieve the objectives that you propose in a formation.

Know the criteria that will help you choose an online course and find your course.

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